5 Ways to Become a Seafarer Everyone likes Onboard

A career in the shipping industry is full of challenges. Dealing with the same people on a regular basis in a limited space is quite difficult for a sailor both professionally and emotionally. Whatever differences you have with your fellow mates, you have to perform your task in an effective manner with great determination and mental strength while staying away from all negativities.

Developing all these qualities is not easy however being a seafarer, you have to stay professional and well-organized. Here are 5 ways to make strong bonds with your teammates and ensure that you are liked by everyone on a ship.

Stay away from Groupism

People at the workplace tend to make a group with team members who are from the same caste or community intentionally or unintentionally. It is always better to not indulge in such activities as this puts you in a bad light and shows that you are partial towards a specific group of people. Give respect to everyone and share experiences with others irrespective of religion, race or region helps you to show your professionalism.

Never blame others for any Mishappening

 We as a human have a tendency to put the blame on others, even if something is happening because of our fault. Similarly, seafarers also blame their fellow members for any mishappening at sea. A sailor must strive to take responsibility for any mishappening and ensure to respect their teammates and other crew members onboard.

Help your Teammates in Accomplishing Tasks

Life at sea is not easy for any individual as every crew member is required to work for long hours. Helping your team member is the best way to make strong bonds at sea as by doing this you can ensure to gain their trust and have their support whenever you need any assistance. So always stay committed to helping others.

Never mix Personal and Professional Life

Different opinions and small arguments are part of every workplace and same is the case with the merchant navy. Seafarers tend to make it a big issue that spoils the interpersonal environment onboard. Leaving all the differences while you are going to work is the best way to ensure the best productivity.

Leave your ego and appreciate your teammates

Ego is one of the biggest reasons that make an impact in the workplace. At sea, if you are more concerned about your ego than you may lack efficiency and this will impact your overall performance. Leaving your ego away helps you to stay committed towards your work and make strong bonds with your fellow mates.

Focusing on these 5 aspects helps you to become a seafarer that everyone likes to work with. So, do remember them if you want to make a successful career at sea.