5 Ways to Deal with Long Distance Relationships in Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy industry provides you with ample opportunities to earn some lucrative pay packages and explore the world but it is also quite challenging as it requires you to stay away from your partner for a long time. Seafarers most often or not face this problem as they have to deal with it as long as they are working in the Shipping Industry. Here in this article, we are sharing some long distance relationship advice that will assist mariners to stay positive:

Be Transparent

Transparency is the best way to maintain long distance relationships. You should let your partner know about the work policies of the Merchant Navy. Doing this will assist you to focus more on your work.

Stay in Touch with Old Postal Mail

Lack of communication is among one of the major reasons behind problems in a distance relationship as you travel to different parts of the world and in most of the areas you don’t get any access to telephone or internet services or get limited access. In such situations sending a normal postal email helps you to stay in touch even when you are away.

 Have Understanding in your Relationship

The nature of the job in the Merchant Navy requires you to spend more time at the ship which makes it bit harder for your partner. However, you can let your partner understand that this is what you love to do and their understanding is the moral support that helps you to accomplish your task in an effective manner.

Keep a Journal

Writing a journal helps you to make a record of every little thing that you can discuss with your partner when you are away from work. You can write your thoughts and all other important things related to your partner as this will make them think that they have not missed any part of your life.

Make a schedule and Communicate

Although it is true that when you are a part of the Shipping Industry you don’t get much time to communicate with your partner. However, if you can plan your day in such a way that it suits both you and your partner then you can ensure to make a long distance relationship work.

Long Distance Relationships are quite hard to manage but with trust and understanding, one can assure to achieve success in it.

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