A Day in the life of a 2nd Rank Officer

Merchant Navy is a perfect career option for those want to explore the world and at the same time want to earn some great money. The two major departments of this industry are the Deck and Engine Department. The work responsibility of the people working in the Deck Department is to ensure the smooth functioning of the ship operations such as Navigation and Watchkeeping, Cargo operations etc. whereas the work of the Engine Departments is to manage the repair and maintenance of the ship equipment.

Professionals working in these Departments are categorized into different ranks as per their education and work experience at sea. Here, we are discussing the work life of a 2nd Rank Officer in the Deck Department. He is the third top rank officer in the unit.

Like all other Deck Officers, he has to manage navigation and watch-keeping duties besides managing other port-related tasks. Someone who is ranked as the 2nd Rank officer in the Deck Department is responsible to manage a whole lot of responsibilities as in many ships, the individual is the in charge of the health where he has to manage the health-related issues of the cadets and ensure first aid elementary and ship vaccination is up to date.

Deck Department is headed by the Chief Officer and the 2nd Rank officer has to work as per the instructions are given. Doing chart work as needs to prepare navigation charts for the route, cargo management when the ship is at the port are some other duties of the officer. Deck Department is one of the busiest branches of the Shipping Industry where every individual is to required to manage multiple tasks at one time.

Looking at the next promotion that 2nd rank officer gets, he can be promoted as a Chief Officer after completing sea time and clearing exams. The work responsibilities keep increasing as you get promoted to next level in the department.

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