All about GP Rating Course

GP Rating or General Purpose Rating program is available for students who have passed 10th standard. It is a Pre-Sea training that equip students with competencies required on multiple departments on a ship. This course took over the Deck Rating and Engine Rating courses. The program covers various aspects of on-board job and provide more opportunities to Indian seafarers worldwide. As per International Chamber of Shipping, there are around 7,21,000 ratings working on Merchant Ships across the world which shows that there are ample opportunities available to secure career in this sector.

Basic Outline

This is a 4 month Pre-Sea training program which enables ratings to take up a role of Deck and Engine Crew on ships. The ratings are provided training for both roles so that they can work any of these two departments.

This course not only focus on providing ship knowledge but also focus on personal developments. It assists students to learn the important skills which are required to work on a ship such as leadership, teamwork, decision making and communication skills as they are required to work with ratings from different backgrounds. All required information related to ships and Shipping industry is provided to ratings in this program which includes nautical terminology, general rope-work, basic navigation, anchor work, bridge watch keeping, cargo watch, lifesaving, firefighting and much more.

Eligibility Criteria

To get eligible for admission into GP Rating Course. You must meet the below criterias:

Education Qualification: Minimum qualification required is being 10th passed from a Recognized Board. Candidates with higher educational qualifications can also apply.

Physical or Medical Requirements: The candidates should be physically and mentally healthy to meet the merchant shipping standards and rules.  They shouldn’t suffer from color blindness and should have 6/6 vision in each eye. No eye glasses permitted.

Age Limit: Minimum 17 years and Maximum 25 years at the time of the commencement of the course

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Job Scope

There are several work opportunities for Ratings after completing this course, you can join as Deck and Engine crew in Indian as well as International Shipping companies. You can work in the department you are interested in and can be promoted as Bosun, Able-Bodied Seaman etc. after acquiring specific knowledge and experience.