Duties and Work Responsibilities of Electrical Engine Officer

The shipping industry has gone through various developments in the last few years; the advancement of technology has made it possible to manage the work in an efficient manner. Today all the mechanism on a ship is an amalgamation of electrical and mechanical systems. However, the automation and electrical system should need to be managed by experts in the engineering department. Electrical office engineers are appropriate to manage such jobs as they have knowledge and expertise about them and play an important role in the smooth functioning of the ship.

Electrical Engineer is among one of the most crucial positions in the engine department hierarchy as an engineer is responsible to manage the work as provided by the head of the department i.e. Chief Engineer. Many shipping companies usually ask the third engineer to manage the electrical work however it requires an experienced person to manage both electronic and electrical system. Let’s look at the some of the main work responsibilities Electro-technical officer

  • An individual who is working as an electrical engineer is responsible for managing a complete electrical system on a merchant ship which includes engine room as well as on deck.
  • An electro-technical officer is responsible for maintenance of fire systems and detectors and also need to manage all alarm systems on the ship.
  • Vessels navigational lights and other navigational equipment and maintenance of switchboards including emergency ones and others also come under his jurisdiction.
  • Maintaining engine room cranes electrical system and ensuring smooth functioning of the air conditioning unit on the ship needs to be managed by an electrical engineer.
  • Work in collaboration with other engineers at the time of maneuvering in the engine room to manage any sort of electrical and other emergency situations.
  • Assisting Ship’s Engineers and Deck officer in every kind of electrical concerns also needs to be taken care of by electro-technical officer.

All these responsibilities are managed by an Electrical Engineer. But there are some other duties which need to be accomplished by an individual who is working on this role.

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