How to deal with Loneliness Onboard

Isolation and loneliness is an anxious feeling that tends to happen with lack of communication and connection with the outside world. As part of the Shipping Industry, Seafarers have to spend a long time at sea and most of the time they feel isolated. According to experts from the medical industry, there are ways to ease the effects and risks of loneliness but seafarers usually don’t get much guidance on it. Advice such as don’t stay alone and communicate with others are provided but there are better ways to overcome isolation and ease the pain.

Make Strong Bond with your Colleagues

Maritime is a culture based on tradition of camaraderie but many seafarers are complaining about hectic work schedule as they are usually tired, overworked and stressed and don’t get much time to interact and make bond with¬† other seafarers but you have to try and make a connection with shipmates as this is the best way to beat loneliness.

Stay busy and throw yourself into your profession

Being a Merchant Navy professional, you get an opportunity to learn so much onboard about the work and become the expert in your area of work. You can learn new skills related to your work as well as can communicate with seafarers from other department and know about their work culture.

Put your focus on games, movies, music and books

Most of the shipping companies offer recreation activities that assist you to beat loneliness. There are many options available to put your focus away from work and indulge yourself in the world of entertainment. You can do whatever you like as per your interest and find different ways to keep yourself happy.

Don’t focus on Loneliness

Staying away from family and friends is always difficult and it becomes more difficult when you work in the Merchant Navy. You tend to feel lonely because of some old memory strike in your mind that you shared with your loved ones and give an invitation to loneliness as it gets your complete attention. The right way to stay away from isolation is to stay positive and focused on your work and interact with your shipmates as much as you can.

Stay determined and learn to cope up with Loneliness

Make a plan to deal with loneliness. Try not to put yourself into a situation from which you are not able to come out. Yes, it can be challenging sometimes but once you learn to handle the mental and emotional habits of loneliness then you will be able to beat it convincingly.

By managing your work life in the most effective way you can beat the demon of loneliness any day anytime.

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