How to Determine Fraudulent or Fake Institutes

Shipping Industry noticed a great boost in the last decade which lead to the increase in the demand of skilled seafarers around the globe, ensuing in immediate lack of officers and ratings in the Merchant Navy. At that time, the Maritime sector was way more cut-off with people who are unfamiliar with the sea than it is now. This boost in the industry encouraged many maritime institutes and academies to provide adequate training to the young aspirants and help them to secure a career in the Maritime industry.

With the increase of work opportunities, it is quite difficult for the students to choose the right institute or academy to acquire skills for the sailing job as some unethical entities take advantage of the state and continue to indulge in fraudulent activities despite several warnings and feedbacks.

Regrettably, shipping companies and authorities are yet to take a big action against the offenders. Looking at the numbers of such instances reported in the last few years, we are sharing some key steps that will help you to take the right call when it comes to choosing the right Maritime Institute.

For Shipping Institutes

The best way to identify the right Maritime Institute is to check all the contents acquired by the institute. Like in India, all maritime training institutes and courses are approved by DG Shipping and in case of IMU (Indian Maritime University), it is advisable to look at their website to know about the affiliated institutes and requirements. For IMU, you can visit

Go through the eligibility requirement of the shipping authority and evaluate it with the institution. Every maritime institute should share the same physical, medical and technical requirement that is approved by DG Shipping, India.

Visit the institute first if you are keen to take admission in it. Talk to the students who are currently pursuing education, faculty members and also the environment of the place as it will help you to get a better idea about the institute.

Varren Maritime Academy is one such institute that provides best and reliable resources to the future sailors as approved by the Directorate General Shipping, India. To know more visit Varren Maritime Academy