How to Join Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is the term used for commercial Shipping. It is the fleet of merchant vessels that are registered in a particular nation.  The vessels range from container ships, passenger ferries, cruise ship, tankers etc.  It is an exhilarating and adventurous career especially for the ones who want to travel the world. Ship maintenance, cargo management, vessels cleaning, checking ship direction is what the life in a Shipping Industry is all about.

Today  Merchant Navy is considered as one of the most prestigious industries to work with as you are moving the international trade. If you are planning to make a career in the industry that provides you an opportunity to gain exposure by exposing to multiple facets then Merchant Navy is the career for you.

You can join Maritime sector in two profiles i.e. Deck and Engine.  If you want to join the Deck Department then you can start your career as a Deck Cadet whereas if you want to pursue your career in the Engineering Department then you can start  working as a Cadet or Junior Engineer. You can move up to the next position with relevant experience on the sea and exams conducted at various levels.  You can start your career in Merchant Navy as soon as after completing 10th.

To start a career in Shipping Industry, you can join short term courses such as GP Rating, Deck Cadet etc. or you can take up Graduate courses such as B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.E. Marine Engineering, BBA Shipping etc. These are some of the courses which you can choose from to take the first step in the Merchant Navy. However, apart from these there are other courses available that you can pursue depending upon the eligibility.

Now, you have the information about the courses that you can take up to join Merchant Navy. Go and start your journey towards success.