How to work as a Chef on a Cruise Ship

Shipping Industry is among one of the largest industries in the world that employ thousands of professionals under it. The core part of the sector i.e. Ship runs 24 hours a day all around the world to ensure smooth movement of the trade. On the ships, there are many work opportunities available for Merchant Navy aspirants. To keep things going, it is important to provide good food to the manpowerShip engaged in the smooth functioning of the ship.

With the introduction of the Maritime Labor Convention, now it is crucial for the shipping companies to recruit good chefs. The major work responsibility of the people working in the Steward Department on a Cruise ship is to make arrangements to provide three times food for the crew members. Chefs working on cruises are generally busy in experimenting with the new dishes but then the main focus is to on the commercial shipping. Besides this, they are also accountable to make arrangements for food along with medicine and blankets in case of emergency situations.

Usually, there are two chefs on ships i.e. Chief Cook (Head of the Department) and Second Cook who ensures the better work management of the department.  Cruise ships generally offer various dining rooms, fast food centres and speciality restaurants which makes it more important to hire professionals.

To work in the Steward Department on a Cruise Ship, you must have relevant education and experience at the chef position. All chefs are required to be in good physical condition and need to pass the examination in order to show their capability to manage the work effectively. There are many cruise line’s websites are available online that you can check to search a job or you can get in contact with reputed recruitment agencies who can assist you in your job search.

If you have experience working in the Kitchen Department along with relevant education and looking for a job in the Cruise ship then you may contact Varren Maritime Academy.