The Growth of Women in Maritime Sector

Maritime has always been recognized as a male-dominant sector. Although, in the last few years, the trend has changed as women are now coming out and securing a career in the shipping industry. The proportion of women has been increased in the industry due to the initiative taken by the International Maritime Organization and other related organizations.

Women have always been criticized and discouraged to join merchant navy as it requires physical strength and mental toughness to manage the day to day operations on a ship. However, despite being disheartened by their male counterparts they are always ready to prove that they should never be considered weak.

Shipping Industry is still not very welcoming for the women since its inception but today they are acquiring high-level training in many maritime institutes across the worldwide. Sheer determination is required to overcome all obstacles and emerge as a winner and women have always been known to conquer every frontier whether it is a personal life or at the professional level.

To encourage more women participation in the maritime sector, on this women’s day the International Maritime Organization has launched a new logo under the Women in Maritime Programme with their member states and other associates. The primary objective to come up with such programmes is to inspire more women to come out and be a part of the shipping industry.

It is quite difficult to establish your name in the merchant navy as women as you don’t get many opportunities to show your skills. However, there are some who are now being recognized for their effort at sea. Among some who have established their name in the maritime sector is Radhika Menon. She is the first woman to win IMO award for exceptional bravery at sea.

Merchant Navy is now seen as an industry to make a successful career for women.  A lot of work has been done towards it but still more effort is required to support them and give them an opportunity to show their talent. We support women to make a career in any industry of their choice and if any women want to make a career in the shipping industry then they may contact us.