The Work Life of Ordinary Seaman Onboard

An ordinary seaman is a maritime rating who is assigned jobs in the Deck Department on a Merchant Ship. By working and taking the experience with a couple of years as a trainee allows a person to become an able seaman. The job of an ordinary seaman enables an individual to work mostly in the Deck Department.

Some major work responsibilities on the deck of a ship include taking care of the paintwork, cleaning, maintenance of the ship, taking responsibility of the rudder of the ship and working as a guard whenever required. Both ordinary seaman and able seaman do a similar type of work; the difference between them is the pay scale as able seaman receives a better package in comparison to ordinary seaman.  The position is a novitiate to become an able seaman and has been there for ages.

Any individual who is working as an ordinary seaman has the most monotonous tasks among all jobs on a merchant ship. However, despite such busy work routine and low salary, the position is appreciated and accepted by people working in the shipping industry. Non-availability of ordinary seaman would lead to many concerns as the crew members of the Deck Department need helping hand to accomplish the tasks assigned to them in the best possible way.

Maritime jobs are quite challenging as it requires both physical and mental toughness. Someone who aspires to work as an ordinary seaman must meet these requirements as he is always required to stay alert and manage the work in an effective manner during regular working hours and also in case of emergency situations. An ordinary seaman should always be ready to meet the ever demanding work requirements of the department if he has to increase the chances of being promoted to able seaman.

Looking at the pay scale of an ordinary seaman, it is not very high but even low. The salary structure depends upon the shipping company, a nation to which a shipping company belongs, and also the feedback of the crew members.

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