What are the work responsibilities of a wiper onboard?

A wiper is a junior cadet in the engine department of a ship. Those who are working as a wiper on a merchant ship are usually responsible for cleaning the engine room, machinery, assisting the engine officers as instructed, work as a watch-keeper, work with ordinary seaman and able seaman and assist them in accomplishing day to day operations in the engine room. With relevant sea time and education, a wiper can be promoted to Oiler.

The wiper is a perfect role for those who want to get experience at sea and are passionate about making a career in the shipping industry. A career as a wiper is the first step of starting a career in the merchant navy as the individuals time as a wiper on a ship can be seen as the time of internship. The qualification required to pursue a career in the maritime as a wiper is not too much as you need to complete STCW courses, and you can start working.

To make a career in the merchant navy on the position of a wiper, you must have a love for the sea and a passion to learn and grow. There are many ways to find a wiper job, you can search for work-related websites as the study shows that most of the opportunities for this position are available here. Employers choose to visit job sites to search for the right candidate who can manage the work effectively.  Generally, a wiper is responsible for ship maintenance whereas there are some other responsibilities that a wiper must perform which are as follows:

  • Maintenance of the Engine Room
  • Complete maintenance of the Engine Department
  • Preservation of the working area
  • Assisting engineers and other crew members of the engine department
  • Work as a member of the watch keeping group
  • Work with an ordinary and able seaman in engine room operations

Most of the work responsibilities of the wipers are around the Engine department. So, if you are looking to make a career in the merchant navy in this role then you must ready to accept new challenges.

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